Sexy hunter Jo

Apr 25


dean laid there in bed next to Castiel  he turn and smiled at him as he laid there in a peaceful slumber. He got up out of bed and walk down the hall to the nursery where a beautyful little boy stands in his crib with a smile on his face dean walk over and pick him up. ” how my big guy  doing ? ” dean look at his son and smiled as he giggle at him. dean took him over  to the changing table and changed him, “come big guy let go and get you something to eat.” they walk out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen and set him in the highchair, Dean walk over the fridge and grab out some milk and then he when over to the cupboard and grab a bolw and bottle and some oatmeal as John sat in his he highchair and played and banged his toys. dean look over at him and smile and he walk over and sat down at the table and start to feed john. castiel rolled over to the still almost warm spot where dean was laying he felt the spot was empty and start to panic a little he got up and run to johns nusery and saw that he was gone to he start to panic even more not know what to do he walk down the hall and in to the ktichen where he saw dean and john, He let a sigh of relife when he saw that two of the sitting there. castiel walk over and grab himself a cup and pour his some coffee and stood against the counter and just watch the two of them he smiled as he watched them. dean was a great father it has been three years snice dean and castile had stop hunting and it hadn’t been easy they had been through so much that he was just glad that to be here with dean and there son. castiel walk over and placed a hand on dean shloulder and lean over and kissed him on the cheek “good morning how are my two favorite guys doing ?” he stood behind dean. dean turn and grind up at cass ” good morning to you sleep head how’d you sleep?”  cass took a sip of his coffee ” I sleep like a baby” he chuckled and walk over and kissed john on the top of the head ” and how is my lil man doing ?” John giggle and cooed at him. Cas sat down at the table with dean as they feed john cas drank his coffee as he look over that dean with a smile on his lips dean look at cass with a smile on his face he keep feeding john as cass got up and walk into the kitchen and poured dean a cup of coffee and hand it to him “How about you finshes feed john and i’ll start some bath water form him ?” dean look up at cas as he gave john another spoonful “that sound like a great idea he stood up and kissed cas on the cheek, your a life saver cas ” dean took a drink of his coffee as castiel walk over to the bathroom and start to run some water a johns bath. castiel sat in that bathroom as the water ran in the tub he just sat there as stared out into space thinking to himself what if thing would have been different and dean was still hunting would have be with him? “Here we come daddy where ready for our bath ” dean said as him and john walk into the bathroom he start to take johns cloths off him and set him into tub dean look over at Cas ” you alrght ?” cas look at dean with a smile ” yeah , yeah i am alright i couldn’t be any better why do you ask ?” dean slowy ran the wash rag over john ” you look like you saw a gosht you sure your okay ?” Castiel look at him and sighed placing a hand on his shoulder ” its nothing of improtants ” dean got up off the floor and walk over to the closet and grab a towle out and wrapped john in it ” come Cas i know you better the you think so out with it ” he said as they walk in to the nuserry dean set john down on the changeing talbe as and start to dry him off , castiel walk over and grab some cloth out of the dresser and hand them to dean. “dean your not going to like what i have to say but i was just think about what … what is would be like if we would have never had john and you where still hunting would you still be with me ? ” dean look over at castiel with a serious look on his face as he got john dressed ” Really Cas why would you possible think that i would ever go back to that life? i couldn’t see my life with out you in it now or john.” He picked up john “well are you just the handsomes lil guy in the world ? ” Castiel stood in the door way and watch dean with john as they when and sat down in the rocking chair and start to rock him and feed him a bottle ” your so good with him dean he look so peacful in your arms ” he smiled brightly at the two of them. ” I am sorry dean if i upset you earlier it was crazy of me to think that.” dean look down at john he as was fast a sleep dean got up for the rocking chair placed his in the crib he walk over and warpped his arms around castile and gave his a kiss ” its alright Castile i am not mad at you ” he placed his hand on his face and looked him in the eyes ” you and john our my life now and i am never going to leave you castiel never .* 

Jul 05


Dean was walking back from the house where he had just finished an easy salt and burn. He walked over and opened the trunk of the impala and put his duffel in. He walked around to the driver side, opened the door and slid behind the steering wheel.

"Oh baby, I’m glad to see you. It’s been a long night. Let’s go home." He put the key into the engine, he started up the Impala and pull out on to the open highway looking over to the passenger side where Sam normally sat but now that Sam was no longer hunting there was no one else that could fill that seat. He sometimes missed Sam but he knew that he was better off because that was not the life that Sam wanted and he was not going to force him to stay.


He leaned over and turned on the radio to drown out the quiet that surrounded him at that moment. He couldn’t wait to get back to the motel where Jo was. A smile came across his face as he thought of her.


He pulled into the parking a lot of the motel sitting there for a few moments before getting out and walking into the motel room and yelling “honey I am home!” He walked over into the kitchen area, picked Jo up and kissed her with passion. She wrapped her arms around him kissing him back. Jo looked up at dean with a smile and said to him “I’ve missed you to.”


He put her down and walked over to the fridge to grab a beer. He then walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, watching Jo as she cooked dinner. Well, he was watching her ass more than anything and she knew it.


She looked over her shoulder and with a smile “how was the hunt?” She knew that it was just a salt and burn but she was still a little mad that he wouldn’t let her go with him. He was still worried about her because during the last hunt they were on, she got hurt. They both knew that if her mother ever found out that Jo had gotten hurt again while on a hunt with Dean, she would kill them both. She would kill dean and Jo could not have that. She loved Dean too much.


Dean took another swig of his beer

“Oh you know just a normal salt and burn. Nothing that I couldn’t handle.” Jo turned around and looked at Dean; a very serious look replaced the smile on her face, her hands on her hips.

“You know I’m still mad at you for making me stay here. I could’ve have helped.” Dean got off the bed and walked over to Jo. He looked her in the eye, brushing a stray piece of hair out of her face

“Jo you know why you couldn’t come. It was for you own good.” He looked up at the bandage on her forehead.

“How are you feeling today?” Dean asked her, still holding her close to him. Jo brushed her hand over her forehead feeling the bandage not remembering what happened. She shrugged.

“I guess that I am doing alright.” Jo looked up at Dean. “Why do you ask?”

“You don’t remember what happened?” In a way Dean was happy that Jo didn’t remember what happened. It would only bring her pain and heart ache again. Jo stared at Dean

“What did happen? How did I get this cut on my head?” Dean started to get a little nervous. He wasn’t ever good at thinking on his feet and everyone knew that

“You, you fell and hurt your head on the edge of the coffee table.” She stared at Dean for a minute. She could see the pain and hurt in his eyes and knew that he was lying but she didn’t push him. He must have had a good reason for doing it.


Jo put her hand on his face and looking in to his eyes “I love you Dean Winchester” She kissed him on the lips and then walked away. She loved leaving him wanting more. Dean stood there stunned, not knowing what to say. The only thing that Dean could think of doing was going after her.


He ran after her and grabbed her by the arm. He pulled her into him before pushing her against the wall, kissing her hungrily, pulling and tugging at her clothes, getting lost in the moment. Dean picked Jo up and carried her over to the bed and laid her down. He kissed her all over, his mind racing a mile a minute, only thinking of one thing and that was Jo.


In that moment he stopped and pulled away, not sure if she was ready for this again he wouldn’t want to put her through losing another baby. He got up from the bed and looked down at her

“Sorry babe. I’ve got to shower” He walked in to the bathroom and shut the door behind him and looked in the mirror saying to himself

“How would you think that she could be ready for that again? You need to stop being so selfish”


Jo sat up on the bed, thinking that she had done something wrong. She knew that he wasn’t in the shower. She got up, walked over to the bathroom door and knocked on it

“Dean? Are you okay, can I come in?” Jo slowly opened the door to see Dean sitting on the bathroom floor. Jo walked in and sat down next to him, looking up at him

“I’m sorry for whatever I did to upset you Dean, if you want me to I can leave.” Dean stared down at Jo, wrapping his arms around her and kissing the top of her head.

“I don’t want you to go anywhere Jo.” For the next few minutes they just sat there holding each other, enjoying the company of one another.

Jun 16

June 15th

i don’t know what it is but i just could get Jackson to sleep today i have tried everything for taking him for a car ride to putting him in his swing just didn’t to sleep but i final got him to sleep thank the Lord.  so you could say that i had a crappy day 

Jun 15

June 14th

I hate a great Afternoon Jackson and i sat outside and soak up the sun. I can’t believe my baby boy is going to be two mos old time the sure to grow up fast. He as being fussy tonight i am wonder if that is because he is missing his daddy or he just like to give me a hard time when he is overly tried at night but he final when to sleep well i think that is where this mama is going to bed going to read a good book and fall asleep in my mans arms.

Jun 01

June 1st

June 1st 

Today was a great day i feel like things could get any better then they are I can’t believe that our son is almost 2 months old i can’t believe how fast they grown up i was thinking the other day i was sitting on the sofa just thinking that by the time Jackson get out of high school I well be in my 48 and dean will be in his 50. i love him more then the day we got married how could i not he is the best thing that has happened in my life and he gave me the best gift i could ever ask for. and might i add another one on the way ~smiles wide ~ 

May 30
@ImpalaDW you looks like you could you a beer babe 

@ImpalaDW you looks like you could you a beer babe 

May 26
Jackson with his teddy that his daddy got him @Impaladw

Jackson with his teddy that his daddy got him @Impaladw

May 25

May 25th 2011

This Morning Dean told me how my father was killed i am still in a bit of shock but  just final glad to know the  truth now. Dean feels that its his fault that my got killed on a hunt with his father but it not his fault i can’t hold it against him and i don’t know why my mother feel that it his fault he was just a child.I just wish my mother would have been up front with me about it when i had ask her about it  all i didn’t want to read it in Johns Journal. 

May 25

Jo Journal

I am going to write down everything that happens in Jo’s life and everything that happens with Here Family and i am going to ever put stuff in there a bout her past life so that when Jackson gets older he will know what is out there and what is family did. 

May 24th 2011

Dean came home today after being gone for awhile I was so happy too see him that i didn’t want to let him go for one sec i held on to him tight and breath in his scent of old spice, gasoline,cheap liquor. as stand there with him i get lost in the moment as i hear him talking to me ask me how i have been and how Jackson is and if he could see him ? I looked up at him and said you don’t  have to ask if you want see your son he is in his room sleeping but go ahead i know that he has missed you a lot, dean ran to Jackson room and stood over the crib and look down at him “hey lil buddy daddy home now he is not going anywhere for a long time” Jo stands in the doorway watching the two of them and Whispers “Dean you know that bear you bought him he miss you so much that he would go to sleep without it ” Jackson start to stir in his sleep as he hears dean’s voice and wake up and looks up at him and gurgles and smiles ,dean lean over the crib and picked him up and kissed the top of his head and walk over to the chair and site down with i get lost in the moment as i stand there just watching the two of them together think to myself what would i do without him i don’t know if i could go on without him.

May 18